Livros de Moto

Desde 2005 venho formando a minha biblioteca de livros sobre motoqueirismo. No final de 2011 tinha uns 250. Isso sem contar livros que não são específicos de moto, como os livros sobre motores, solda e eletrônica. Mas não vou parar por aqui não, pois ainda há um monte de livros por aí, com relatos de viagens, oficinas dos sonhos e dicas de manutenção.

Em meados de 2011 comecei a minha coleção de livros de bicicleta. Esse pessoal da bicicleta tem um material muito legal sobre história, tecnologia, ciência, organização, luta política e produção cultural.

Aqui no blog também há outras páginas sobre livros que podem interessar, como a página com comentários sobre livros, a biblioteca da vida acadêmica, e lista de livros técnicos e acadêmicos. Segue a lista, que não está em nenhuma ordem. Para saber meus preferidos, só vendo os comentários por aí.


Relatos de Viagem

Long Rider: A Tale of Just Passin’ Through – Mark Edmonds
Old Man on a Bike – Simon Gandolfi
Adventures of a Motorcycle Despatch Rider During the First World War – W.H.L. Watson
Through Algeria & Tunisia on a Motor-Bicycle – Lady Warren
Across America by Motor-Cycle – C K Shepherd
Tracking Marco Polo – Timothy Severin
Tracks and Horizons: 26 Countries on a Motorcycle – Carlos A Caggiani
Riding the Edge – Dave Barr and Mike Wourms
Touching The World: A Blind Woman – Cathy Birchall and Bernard Smith
Vroom with a View: In Search of Italy’s Dolce Vita on a ’61 Vespa – Peter Moore
One Man Caravan – Robert E., Jr. Fulton
Motorcycle Adventurer: Carl Stearns Clancy: First Motorcyclist To Ride Around The World 1912-1913 – Dr. Gregory W. Frazier
Jupiters Travels : Four Years Around the World on a Triumph – Ted Simon
Riding High – Ted Simon
Dreaming of Jupiter – Ted Simon
Jupiter’s Travels in Camera – Ted Simon
Mondo Enduro – Austin E. Vince
Long Way Round : Chasing Shadows Across the World – Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman
Long Way Down – Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman
The Longest Ride: My Ten-Year 500,000 Mile Motorcycle Journey – Emilio Scotto
Lois on the Loose: One Woman, One Motorcycle, 20,000 Miles Across the Americas – Lois Pryce
Red Tape and White Knuckles – Lois Pryce
American Borders: A Solo Circumnavigation of the United States on a Russian Sidecar Motorcycle – Carla King
To Dakar and Back: 21 Days Across North Africa by Motorcycle – Lawrence Hacking
The Motorcycle Diaries – Ernesto Che Guevara
Chasing Che: A Motorcycle Journey in Search of the Guevara Legend – Patrick Symmes
Looking For Mr. Guevara: A Journey Through South American – Barbara Brodman
Young Che: Memories of Che Guevara by His Father – Ernesto Guevara Lynch
Traveling with Che Guevara: The Making of a Revolutionary – Alberto Grana
The Road Gets Better From Here – Adrian Scott
Mi Moto Fidel – Christopher Baker
Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road – Neil Peart
Breaking the Limit: One Woman’s Motorcycle Journey Through North America – Karen Larsen
Against the Wind: A Rider’s Account of the Incredible Iron Butt Rally – Ron Ayres
Two Wheels Through Terror: Diary of a South American Motorcycle Odyssey – Glen Heggstad
Uneasy Rider: Travels Through a Mid-Life Crisis – Mike Carter
The Old Man and the Harley: A Last Ride Through Our Fathers’ America – John J. Newkirk
A Grande Viagem – Fabio Magnani e Renata Nunes (download gratuito)
Viagem ao Sertao – Fabio Magnani e Renata Nunes (download gratuito)
Viajando pela Rota Transiberiana – Guillermo Godoy
Nordeste de Moto – Sidney Geraldo dos Santos
Ushuaia – Chardo
Machu Picchu – Chardo
Alaska – Clodoaldo Braga
Do Ceara ao Chile – Paulo Guedes
Endless Horizon – Dan Walsh
One More Day Everywhere – Glen Heggstad
Storm – Allen Noren
Obsessions Die Hard – Ed Culberson
Motorcycle Yoga, Meditative Rides through India – Miles Davis
Eating Up Italy: Voyages on a Vespa – Matthew Fort
Spotted in France: A Dog’s Life…On the Road – Gregory Edmont
Restless Travellers – From China to Italy by Motorcycle: the story – Stefano Mangini
Brum Brum. 254.000 Chilometri in Vespa – Giorgio Bettinelli
The Rugged Road – Theresa Wallach
Monks and Motorcycles: From Laos to London by the Seat of my Pants 1956-1958 – Franklin E. Huffman
Purple Mountains: America from a Motorcycle – Notch Miyake
Tuk-Tuk to the Road: Two Girls, Three Wheels, 12,500 Miles – Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent
A Short Ride in the Jungle: The Ho Chi Minh Trail by Motorcycle – Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent
Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection – Allan Karl
Dirty Dining: An Adventurer’s Cookbook – Lisa Thomas
Lone Rider: The First British Woman to Motorcycle Around the World – Elspeth Beard
O Voo da Coruja: das Dunas ao Deserto – Gean Andrade
The Worst Motorcycle in Laos: Rough Travels in Asia – Chris Tharp
Sparring with Charlie – Christopher Hunt
Tea Time with Terrorists: A Motorcycle Journey into the Heart of Sri Lanka’s Civil War – Mark Stephen Meadows
Brasil: Estradas, Aventuras, Desafios e Muitas Histórias para Contar – Allison Campos


Shy Girl – Elizabeth Stark
Throttling the Bard – Jay Barry
Prisoner, Cell Block H: The Franky Doyle Story – Henry Clement
Whiskey Road: A Love Story – Karen V. Siplin
Motorcycle Ride on the Sea of Tranquility – Patricia Santana
Let It Ride – John McFetridge
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere – John McFetridge
6 Chambers, 1 Bullet – Ralph “Sonny” Barger, Keith e Kent Zimmerman
Flaming Iguanas (Mad Dog Rodriguez Trilogy) – Erika Lopez
They Call Me Mad Dog (Mad Dog Rodriguez Trilogy) – Erika Lopez
Hoochie Mama (Mad Dog Rodriguez Trilogy) – Erika Lopez
Hard Road, Easy Riding – Ed.: Sacchi Green and Rakelle Valencia
All Roads Lead To Sturgis – Edward Winterhalder and James Richard Larson
Os Motoqueiros do Sertão – Fábio Magnani (download gratuito)
Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle – Victor Appleton
Midas Touch – Frankie J. Jones
The Motorcycle – Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues
Rumble Fish – S.E. Hinton
The Cannibal – John Hawkes
The Beetle Leg – John Hawkes
Corelli’s Mandolin: A Novel – Louis de Bernieres
Turbulence: A Novel – Giles Foden
The Mouse and the Motorycle – Beverly Cleary [children’s book]
Runaway Ralph – Beverly Cleary [children’s book]
Ralph S. Mouse – Beverly Cleary [children’s book]
How to Build a Motorcycle: A racing adventure of mechanics, teamwork, and friendship – Saskia Lacey e Martin Sodomka
The Go Girls – Will Laurence
Setting Free the Bears – John Irving
The Hotel New Hampshire – John Irving
The History Boys: A Play – Alan Bennett
The Owl Service – Alan Garner
O Barbeiro e o Judeu da Prestação Contra Sargento da Motocicleta – Joel Rufino Dos Santos
Hermes, o Motoboy – Ilan Brenman
Wanted Woman – B. J. Daniels
Biker Chick – Dakata Knight
The Accidental Demon Slayer – Angie Fox
She Rides – Elle Laudan
The Flamethrowers – Rachel Kushner
Jackson Five : Organismo Pulsante – Marco Luque
Duas Rodas e Um Destino – Lucas Pimentel
Motorcycle Samurai: Volume 1 – Chris Sheridan
The Humans: Volume 1 – Humans for Life – Tom Neely and Keenan Marshall Keller
The Humans: Volume 2 – Humans Till Deth – Tom Neely and Keenan Marshall Keller
Tokyo Ghost: Volume 1 – Atomic Garden – Remember, Murphy and Hollingworth
Tokyo Ghost: Volume 2 – Atomic Garden – Remember, Murphy and Hollingworth
Steve McQueen: Full-Throttle Cool – Dwight Zimmerman
The Reason for Dragons – Chris Northrop and Jeff Stokely
Scooter Girl – Chynna Clugston-Flores
Motor Crush (vol. 1) – Brenden Fletcher
Bessie Stringfield – Joel Christian Gill
Absolute Beginners – Colin MacInnes

Planejamento de Viagens

Adventure Motorcycling – Robert Wicks
The Essential Guide to Dual Sport Motorcycling: Everything You Need to Buy, Ride, and Enjoy the World’s Most Versatile Motorcycles – Carl Adams
Planet Earth’s Greatest Motorcycle Adventure Tours – Colette Coleman
Adventure Motorcycling Handbook, 5th : Worldwide Motorcycling Route & Planning Guide – Chris Scott
Motorcycle Camping Made Easy – Bob Woofter
Riding the World : The Biker’s Road Map for a Seven Continent Adventure – Gregory W. Frazier


Adventure Riding Techniques: The Essential Guide to All the Skills You Need for Off-road Adventure Riding – Robert Wicks and Greg Baker
Motocross and Off-Road Training Handbook: Tune Your Body for Race-Winning Performance – Mark Thompson
Total Control: High Performance Street Riding Techniques – Lee Parks
Pro Motocross & Off-Road Riding Techniques – Donnie Bales
The MSF Dirtbike School – DVD
Twist of the Wrist – Keith Code
Twist of the Wrist II – Keith Code [*]
Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well – David L. Hough
More Proficient Motorcycling : Mastering the Ride – David L. Hough
Motorcycling Excellence – Motorcycle Safety Foundation


How to Paint Your Motorcycle – JoAnn Bortles
Advanced Custom Motorcycle Assembly & Fabrication Manual – Timothy Remus
How To Sell Your Motorcycle: and put more $$$ in your pocket! – Scott Jacobs
How to Repair Your Motorcycle – Charles Everitt
How to Restore Your Motorcycle – Mark Zimmerman
Practical Fabrication and Assembly Techniques: Automotive, Motorcycle, Racing – Wayne Scraba
How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars – Tony Pashley
Sportbike Performance Handbook – Kevin Cameron
Race Tech’s Motorcycle Suspension Bible – Paul Thede and Lee Parks
101 Sportbike Performance Projects – Evans Brasfield
Scooters Automatic Transmission 50 to 250cc Two-Wheel Carbureted Models – Haynes
The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance – Mark Zimmerman
Motorcycle Electrical Systems: Troubleshooting and Repair – Tracy Martin
Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook – Adam Wade
Motorcycles: Fundamentals, Service, and Repair – Bruce A. Johns, David D. Edmundson and Robert Scharff
Motorcycle Basics Techbook – John Haynes
Motorcycle Maintenance Techbook – Keith Weighill
Motorcycle Workshop Practice Manual – John Haynes
How To Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop – C. G. Masi
Manual de Mecanica de Motos – Sergio Alejandro Ribaric
Chinese 125 Motorcycles Service and Repair Manual – Matthew Coombes
Como Desenhar Motos: Passo a Passo – Sergio Guinot

Crônicas, Histórias, Imagens, Cultura e Filosofia

Saris on Scooters: How Microcredit Is Changing Village India – Sheila McLeod Arnopoulos
Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia – Mark Gardiner
Motorcycle Jackets: A Century of Leather Design – Rin Tanaka
A Moto e o Jegue – Davi Teixeira
A Morte e a Moto (e outras verdades escondidas) – Paul Nobre
Bikerlady: Living and Riding Free! – Sasha Mullins
Kicking Up Dirt: A True Story of Determination, Deafness, and Daring – Ashley Fiolek and Caroline Ryder
The American Motorcycle Girls: A Photographic History Of Early Women Motorcyclists – Cristine Sommer Simmons
Wrenched – Ed Milich
Live to Ride: The Rumbling, Roaring World of Speed, Escape, and Adventure on Two Wheels – Wayne Johnson
Hear Me Roar: Women, Motorcycles, and the Rapture of the Road – Ann Ferrar
Bike Lust: Harleys, Women, and American Society – Barbara Joans
Wild: Harley Bikes & Babes – Horst Rosler
Reinventing Myself: Memoirs of a Retired Professor – Marlys Marshall Styne
Seventy Years on a Motorcycle – Herbert Foster Gunnison
Shakedown Blues: A Collection of Motorcycle Tales – C. G. Masi
How to Paint & Draw Motorcycles – Eric Hermann
Motorcycle Graphics: Outsider Art, Graphics and Illustration – Gary Inman
Iron & Air: Art & Design Issue
Extreme Motorcycle Art – Spencer Drate
S&S Cycle Presents Today’s Top Custom Bike Builders – Howard Kelly
The Magic of the TT: Centenary Edition – Mac McDiarmid
One Good Run: The Legend of Burt Munro – Tim Hanna
Flat Out: The Race for the Motorcycle World Land Speed Record – Rocky Robinson
An Age of Superheroes – Mat Oxley
The Motorcycle World Champions: The Inside Story of History’s Heroes – Michael Scott
Grand Prix Motorcycle Racers: The American Heroes – Norm DeWitt
Riding Man – Mark Gardiner
Motorcycle – Steven E. Alford and Suzanne Ferriss
An Alternative History of Bicycles and Motorcycles – Steven E. Alford and Suzanne Ferriss
Hogs, Blogs, Leathers and Lattes: The Sociology of Modern American Motorcycling – William E. Thompson
Investment Biker – Jim Rogers
The Biker’s Guide to Business: When Business and Life Meet at the Crossroads – Dwain M. DeVille
The Big Book of Biker Flicks: 40 of the Best Motorcycle Movies of All Time – John Wooley, Michael H. Price
Two Wheels on Two Reels: A History of Biker Movies – Mike Seate
Barbarians on Bikes: Bikers and Motorcycle Gangs in Men’s Pulp Adventure Magazines – Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle
The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine: The Story of the Up-N-Smoke Engine Project – Daniel Peirce
Legendary Motorcycles: The Stories and Bikes Made Famous by Elvis, Peter Fonda, Kenny Roberts, and Other Motorcycling Greats – Basem Wasef
Motorcycle Dream Garages – Lee Klancher
McQueen’s Machines: The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon – Matt Stone
Riding with Rilke: Reflections on Motorcycles and Books – Ted Bishop
The Tao of the Ride: Motorcycles and the Mechanics of the Soul – Garri Garripoli
Big Sid’s Vincati: The Story of a Father, a Son, and the Motorcycle of a Lifetime – Matthew Biberman
The Vincent in the Barn: Great Stories of Motorcycle Archaeology – Tom Cotter
Rebuilding the Indian: A Memoir – Fred Haefele
101 Road Tales – Clement Salvadori
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Robert M. Pirsig
Guidebook to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Ronald DiSanto and Tom Steele
Zen and Now: On the Trail of Robert Pirsig and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – Mark Richardson
Philosophical Ridings: Motorcycles and the Meaning of Life – Craig Bourne
Sons of Anarchy and Philosophy: Brains Before Bullets – George A. Dunn
Bodies in Motion: Evolution and Experience in Motorcycling – Steven L. Thompson
The Perfect Vehicle: What It is about Motorcycles – Melissa Holbrook Pierson
Graos de Areia – Andre Azevedo e Klever Kolberg – Texto: Moraes Eggers
Historias de Motocicleta – Luiz Almeida
Manual do Viajante Solitário – José Albano
Um Caderno e Uma Moto – Caio Brito
Saindo do Lugar Comum – Cicero Paes
Saindo, Novamente, do Lugar Comum – Cicero Paes
More Than a Motorcycle: The Leadership Journey at Harley-Davidson – Rich Teerlink and Lee Ozley
Harley-Davidson Motor Company (Corporations That Changed the World) – Missy Scott [**]
The Harley-Davidson and Indian Warsby Allan Girdler
Rebuilding the Brand: How Harley-Davidson Became King of the Road – Clyde Fessler
Top Dead Center – Kevin Cameron
Top Dead Center 2 – Kevin Cameron
Kamikaze Biker: Parody and Anomy in Affluent Japan – Ikuya Sato
Bosozoku – Masayuki Yoshinaga
Speed Tribes: Days and Night’s with Japan’s Next Generation – Karl Taro Greenfeld
Cafe Racers of the 1960s: Machines, Riders and Lifestyle a Pictorial Review – Mick Walker
The Cafe Racer Phenomenon (Those were the days…) – Alastair Walker
Japan’s Motorcycle Wars: An Industry History – Jeffrey W. Alexander
Shooting Star: The Rise & Fall of the British Motorcycle Industry – Abe Aamidor
Whatever Happened to the British Motorcycle Industry? – Bert Hopwood
The Strange Death of the British Motorcycle Industry – Steve Koerner
Edward Turner: The Man Behind the Motorcycles – Jeff Clew
Villiers Everybody’s Engine – Rob Carrick e Mick Walker
BSA: The Complete Story – Owen Wright
DKW: The Complete History of a World Marque – Siegfried Rauch
NSU: The Complete Story – Mick Walker
The BMW Story: Racing and Production Models from 1923 to the Present Day – Ian Falloon
Harley-Davidson Century – Darwin Holmstrom
Art of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycleby Dain Gingerelli
The Art of BMW: 90 Years of Motorcycle Excellence – Peter Gantriis
John Britten – Tim Hanna
Kim the Kiwi on the Konig – Tim Hanna
The Frame Man – Ken Sprayson
The Ducati Story – Ian Falloon
Fast Company: A Memoir of Life, Love, and Motorcycles in Italy – David M. Gross
Stealing Speed: The Biggest Spy Scandal in Motorsport History – Mat Oxley
Leanings: The Best of Peter Egan from Cycle World Magazine – Peter Egan
Leanings 2: Great Stories by America’s Favorite Motorcycle Writer – Peter Egan
The Devil Can Ride: The World’s Best Motorcycle Writing – Lee Klancher
Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work – Matthew B. Crawford
Kick Start: Cosmic Biker Babe’s Guide To Life And Changing the Planet – Carol Setters
Open Road: A Goddess-Biker Guidebook: Find Your True Self, Create a Bold & Soulful Life – Jennifer Bair
The Art of the Motorcycle – Thomas Krens
Harley-Davidson and Philosophy – Bernard E. Rollin et al
The Bikeriders – Danny Lyon
Brooklyn Kings – Martin Dixon
1969 and Then Some – Robert Wintner
Too Far Gone – Todd Blubaugh
Roads of Her Own: Gendered Space and Mobility in American Women’s Road Narratives, 1970-2000. – Alexandra Ganser
Freedom: Credos from the Road – Sonny Barger
Cafe Racer: The Motorcycle – Mike Seate
Cafe Racers: Speed, Style, and Ton-Up Culture – Michael Lichter
The Complete Book Of Flat Track Racing – Gerald Foster
The Golden Age of Speedway – Philip Dalling
Bonneville: World’s Fastest Motorcycles – Horst Rosle
Bonneville Salt Flats – Louise Ann Noeth
I See By My Outfit – Peter S. Beagle
The Honda Story:Road And Racing Motorcycles From 1948 To The Present Day – Ian Falloon
Mods and Rockers – Gareth Brown
Let’s Ride – Sonny Barger and Darwin Holmstrom
She’s a Bad Motorcycle: Writers on Riding – Geno Zanetti
Life of Evel: Evel Knievel – Stuart Barker
Riding the Wall of Death – Allan Ford and Nick Corble
Fearless: Lords of the Murderdrome – Rick Ongstad
BMW Motorcycles: The Evolution of Excellence – Kevin Ash
Motocicleta: A Evoluçao Das Maquinas – Fausto Macieira
The Motorcycle World – Phil Schilling
O Mundo é Uma Roda – Geraldo Tite
Mototerapia – Dinno Benzatti
Far and Away: A Prize Every Time – Neil Peart
Zero to Sixty: The Motorcycle Journey of a Lifetime – Gary Paulsen
The Ride So Far: Tales from a Motorcycling Life – Lance Oliver
Feasting on Asphalt: The River Run – Alton Brown
Riding a Straight and Twisty Road: Motorcycles, Fellowship, and Personal Journeys – James Hesketh
The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing: Long-Distance Motorcycling’s Endless Road – Melissa Holbrook Pierson
Motorcycle Apprentice: Matchless – in name and reputation – Bill W. A. Cakebread
We are the Mods – Christine Jacqueline Feldman
Mod: From Bebop to Britpop, Britain’s Biggest Youth Movement – Richard Weight
A to Z of Mod – Paolo Hewitt
Pop Design: Modernism to Mod – Nigel Whiteley
The Art of the Racing Motorcycle: 100 Years of Designing for Speed – Phillip Tooth, Jean-Pierre Praderes
Coletivo Canal Motoboy  – Eliezer Muniz dos Santos
Bikes of Burden – Hans Kemp
Carrying Cambodia – Hans Kemp
Violência e Morte no Trânsito: Associações Ignoradas na Prevenção dos Acidentes com Motociclistas – Paul Nobre
Risco no Trânsito, Omissão e Calamidade: Impactos do Incentivo à Motocicleta no Brasil – Eduardo A. Vasconcellos [*]
The Book of Deus
The Scott Motorcycle: The Yowling Two-Stroke – Jeff Clew
Desobediência Tecnológica – Ernesto Oroza
On the Move: A Life – Oliver Sacks
A Man and a Motorcycle: How Hamid Karzai Came to Power – Bette Dam
A Motorcycle on Hell Run – Seth M. Markle


Hell’s Angel – Sonny Barger
Hell’s Angels – Hunter S. Thompson
Under and Alone – William Queen
Riding on the Edge: A Motorcycle Outlaw’s Tale – John Hall
The Original Wild Ones: Tales of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club – Bill Hayes
The Mammoth Book of Bikers – Arthur Veno
Biker Chicks: The Magnetic Attraction of Women to Bad Boys and Motorbikes – Arthur Veno and Edward Winterhalder
The Brotherhoods: Inside the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs – Arthur Veno
The Assimilation: Rock Machine Become Bandidos – Bikers United Against the Hells Angels – Edward Winterhalder e Wil De Clercq
Running with the Devil: The True Story of the ATF’s Infiltration of the Hells Angels – Kerrie Droban
No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels – Jay Dobyns
Bikers: Culture, Politics & Power – Suzanne McDonald-Walker
Biker: Truth and Myth – Bill Osgerby
The Rebels – Daniel R. Wolf
Street Justice – Chuck Zito
Out in Bad Standings – Edward Winterhalder
Soul on Bikes: The East Bay Dragons MC and the Black Biker Set – Tobie Levingston
Born to Be Wild: The Rise of the American Motorcyclist – Randy D. McBee


Tecnologia e Engenharia

Custom Motorcycles: Choppers Bobbers Baggers – Howard Kelly
The Ride: New Custom Motorcycles and their Buildersby Chris Hunter
The Build: How the Masters Design Custom Motorcycles – Robert Hoekman Jr
The Chopper: The Real Story – Paulo d’Orleans
American Dream Bikes – Alan Cathcart
Modern Sports Helmets: Their History, Science and Art – James A. Newman
The Motorcycle a Definitive History – John Carroll
Classic Motorcycles – Vic Willoughby
The Racing Motorcycle – Vic Willoughby
Early Motorcycles: Construction, Operation and Repair – Victor Wilfred Pagé
Motorcycle Road & Racing Chassis: A Modern Review of the Best Independents – Keith Noakes
The Upper Half of the Motorcycle: On the Unity of Rider and Machine – Bernt Spiegel
Why We Ride – Mark Barnes
Head Check: What it Feels Like to Ride Motorcycles – Jack Lewis
Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design: the Art and Science – Tony Foale
Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle – – Carl Vogel
Modern Motorcycle Technology: How Every Part of Your Motorcycle Works – Massimo Clarke
MotoGP Technology – Neil Spalding
MotoGP Season Review 2010 – Julian Ryder
The Grand Prix Motorcycle: The Official Technical History – Kevin Cameron
Classic Motorcycle Race Engines – Kevin Cameron
Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction and Litigation – Kenneth S. Obenski
Motorcycle Dynamics – Vittore Cossalter
Motorcycle Engineering – Phil Irving
Modelling, Simulation and Control of Two-Wheeled Vehicles- Mara Tanelli, Matteo Corno and Sergio Saveresi
The Racing Motorcycle: A Technical Guide for Constructors – John Bradley
Motorcycle Design and Technology – Gaetano Cocco
Motocross & Off-Road Performance Handbook – Eric Gorr
Modern Motorcycle Technology – Edward Abdo
Motorized Bicycles – Tom Bartlett
The Tiddler Invasion: Small Motorcycles of the Sixties – Floyd M. Orr
Funky Mopeds! – The 1970s Sports Moped Phenomenon – Richard Skelton
Tricycles: Philippine Multipurpose Vehicles – Rolf Bertram
Tuning for Speed – Phil Irving [**]


The World Encyclopedia of Military Motorcycles – Pat Ware
The Encyclopedia of Motorcycles – Alan Dowds
Motorcycle: Evolution, Design, Passion – Mick Walker
The Ultimate History of Fast Motorcycles – Roland Brown
Unusual Motorcycles: A Collection of Curious Concepts, Prototypes and Race Bikes – François-Marie Dumas
Harley Davidson: Nasce uma Lenda – Montse Borras
Harley Davidson: Uma Paixão Sem Fronteiras – Montse Borras
365 Motorcycles You Must Ride – Dain Gingerelli
100 Years of Motorcycles – Ammonite Press
On My Vespa – Silvana Annicchiarico
Vespa – Davide Mazzanti
Vespa: The Complete History From 1946 – Giorgio Sarti
Vespa – Valerio Boni
Innocenti Lambretta: The Definitive History – Vittorio Tessera
Hodaka Motorcycles – Ken Smith
Motorcycle: The Definitive Visual History – DK Publishing
Motorcycles (CubeBook) – Enzo Rizzo
My Cool Motorcycle: An Inspirational Guide to Motorcycles and Biking Culture – Chris Haddon and Lyndon McNeil